Contest  september (01/09/2020 – 31/09/2020)

Hi everyone !

Starting September 1st, I’m launching a contest on Yellow faucet Litecoin.

The goal will be to win as many litecoin as possible. The winners will win a percentage of their monthly earnings (referrals will not count).

For example, if you have won (for the 1st of the ranking will win 15% more) 150 000 litoshi during the month of September, you will win 22 500 litoshi for the contest.

The winnings will be :

1st : 15 %
2e : 10 %
3e : 5 %

The earnings are low for the month of September as it is the 1st month of the contest, it will be in test, I hope to double the earnings in October according to the result of the contest.

Good luck to you !

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