How to earn cryptocurrency ?

1-The faucets

Faucets are often one of the first ways to earn cryptocurrency that neophytes use, and for good reason, the concept is very simple, you fill out a captcha on a page full of ads and you receive a few fractions of bitcoin (or d ‘other cryptos) in exchange.

2-The cryptocurrency mining

Although bitcoin mining has now become a veritable industry where giants compete with huge fleets of machines dedicated to this task (ASICs), it is still possible to discover this activity with a simple computer.

3-The staking

It allows you to earn interest on your cryptocurrencies with little or no action on your part, making it an investment of choice to earn passive income.


Trading requires discipline and rules that you set when you sell and buy so that you don’t make emotional transactions. Emotional trades make you lose money. There will be other opportunities to make money trading crypto.


Airdrops are free token distributions that promote a project or business around blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Some sites to help you

Coinbase Earn



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